Besides all of the obvious...
Mortgage Transparency, No Gimmicks, and the Best Rates!
LendSense can...

Help PURCHASE your new home

We specialize in absorbing the stress of home buying, and helping you make the right financial decisions is our top priority. We are proud to serve you free of cost.

Help RENEW your existing mortgage

Don’t wait for your current mortgage lender to mail you your mortgage renewal statement. We recommend you review your mortgage on an annual basis like you would your investments!

Help REFI your existing mortgage

Have you worked diligently to pay your mortgage off, want to take advantage of the current market and capitalize on your current equity? We can help!


When we take stock of our finances, it can be easy for our debts to overwhelm us. We can review your existing situation and build a plan to get you debt-free years sooner!

We don't just help you get your new mortgage

We ensure you are in the right type of mortgage. That's right, there are different options depending on your needs. The best rate is not always the cheapest mortgage loan depending on your future goals. Finally, whether we helped you get your mortgage loan, we can help track your current mortgage and can tell you when it's the best time to renew or refinance, depending on current market conditions. This way, we are automatically looking out for your needs.

How does LendSense do it?

Take 5 minutes to fill out your application

We will have you approved within minutes

We will ensure the right solution with transparent options

You will be have peace of mind that all is complete and funded

Get on the right path to being Mortgage free!

Does it make sense to get started?